White Daffodil

White DaffodilThis week’s adventure with colored pencils was learning how to draw white subjects. The main point to consider when depicting any white object is that white like any other color is not flat. The color is effected by the light and its surroundings. For example, a white flower in a garden will have some areas that are bright white, some areas that are in shadow, and other areas that are somewhere in between the two extremes. In those in between and shadow areas the color will not be a even gray instead it will reflect the colors around it. For example if there are leaves then some of the color will be reflected onto the white. It is by careful observation that we obtain the information necessary to complete our drawing.

For our class project my students observed violets, grays, blues, greens, and yellows in the white petals of the daffodil and used those colors to create the dimensionality in their drawings. They all did a fantastic job and it was so wonderful for me to hear them talk about how they saw so much more color in the white the longer they looked at their flower. My interpretation is included above.

The adventure is almost over, Wednesday is our last class. Check back soon to find out what we drew. Cheers!


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