Pink Wildflowers in Watercolor

Pink Wildflowers

One of the aspects of watercolor I love is using the paint to create loose interpretations of a subject. This is the type of painting I find most challenging. It requires a certain willingness to let the water do the work.

In this study of pink wildflowers I masked off the flower heads before wetting the paper and adding splotches of permanent rose, gamboge, and sap green. I wanted to create the appearance of a field of wildflowers without having to paint every flower. While the paper was still damp I added a little indigo to some of the sap green to darken it a bit. When the background was dry I splattered the same colors and then misted them to spread the color. After removing the masking fluid I added a couple of layers of permanent rose mixed with a touch of indigo to define the flower heads. Stems and leaf shapes were added with sap green. I wanted a bit more white in the painting so I added grass-like stalks and splatters with white ink.

I am quite pleased with the results. It has just the right mix of detail and looseness that I was hoping for.

Why not try your own wildflower painting and let me know how it goes. Cheers!