Goldfish Paintings in Chinese Brush

Goldfish - Chinese BrushIn this week’s Chinese Brush class one of our projects will be painting goldfish. It may seem like goldfish are challenging to paint but if you are familiar with bamboo leaves then you are already on your way. I painted the fish with a mix of lemon yellow, orange, and alizarin crimson.

Once you have the brush loaded with color paint the head using 3 strokes. Deepen your colors and paint 2 strokes for the body. Paint the tail with 3 or 4 sweeping strokes. Add details on the body and tail with a dark red and thick white paint; finish the eye with blue and ink.

Once you have a fish or two it’s time to add some context in the form of plants and rocks. I use simple dot strokes for the rocks and small curving bamboo leaf strokes to simulate underwater plants. When the painting was dry I mounted it onto card stock to create a fun greeting card.

Until next time… happy painting!