Galilean Moons in Watercolor

Galilean Moons
Galilean Moons

Today’s watercolor painting uses watercolor, gouache, salt, India ink, and metallic paints to create the texture of Jupiter’s moons. I chose the Galilean moons because of their interesting color patterns and they are hubby’s favorites.

Callisto - Galilean MoonsEuropa’s speckled pattern was created by sprinkling salt onto wet watercolor paint. Io’s surface was created by letting the colors mix directly on the paper. Callisto’s darker areas were created by dropping India ink into wet Indigo paint. The yellow spot is a mixture of gold paint and white gouache. Ganymede was the most fun to paint. India ink was dropped onto the paper then I tilted it to make the ink run in different spots. I added more ink to the center to create the darker patch once the initial layers began to dry. Diluted white gouache was used to create the lighter gray texture.

I am quite pleased with this painting not only because I like the finished product but that it actually matches the idea I envisioned before I started painting. It’s always nice when a plan works out.

Until next time…keep those pencils sharp!