Daffodil SketchesDuring my last trip to the market I bought a bunch of daffodils to paint. If you recall about two years ago I did a daffodil drawing in colored pencil for my botanical illustration class. This time I wanted to do something a little different but before I got started I needed to do some sketching.

All of my artwork begins the same way; I spend quite a bit of time sketching different views of my subject in graphite. At this stage I don’t add a lot of detail just the major outlines and some very basic shading to indicate the direction of light. This gives me a good reference in case the light changes or in the case of flowers if they should wilt before I have completed my study.

While I was mulling over the composition I happened to see a YouTube video from The Frugal Crafter. She used watercolor pencils on a daffodil card and I thought doing something similar would be fun. So I got out my Derwent watercolor pencils and my Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook and experimented.

DaffodilsI liked the idea of adding the grass-like leaves and rather than keeping them all straight I drew a couple bending over which added another layer of depth to the overall composition. Anytime you can show objects coming forward or receding you create a greater sense of perspective and realism in your artwork. You can also create atmospheric perspective by making the background colors darker near your focal point and then have them fade away as you get further away.

I really like the way this painting came out. The complementary colors work really well together to make the daffodils pop off the page.



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