Ballerina on Black Paper

Ballerina on Black PaperThe other day I bought some new black paper with a smoother texture. I wanted to see how it would react with colored pencil and pastels. This quick study was done with my Faber-Castell pastel pencils. I was surprised at how well the pastel blended and how well the paper stood up to some heavy erasing. I have not tried colored pencil yet but given how well it responded to the pastel I don’t anticipate any problems with my Prismacolors. After that I’ll have to try my fluorescent pens on it. So many things to try I think I’m going to need a few extra hours in the day to try everything :)

Until next time…keep those pencils sharp!


Interested in drawing on black paper?

I’ll be teaching a one-night class on drawings owls on black paper in May. Check my classes page for more details including how to sign up. Hope you can join me!