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American Pika Watercolor

American Pika - Threatened/Endangered Animal Series
The American pika is a smaller relative of the rabbit and hare. They live in the mountains of western North America and feed on grasses, sedges, thistles, and fireweed. They are very sensitive to high temperatures and are considered to be an early warning system for global warming [ref.]. This cute American pika is the first in a new series of paintings I will be doing on threatened and endangered species. He can be purchased from my art shop.



Sailboats, Skies, and Water: Intro to Watercolor

SailboatsThis weeks watercolor project will feature sailboats. Along the way we will be painting skies, distance mountains, and water. It may seem like an ambitious project but it is quite manageable and I’ll be demonstrating each piece. We will be using the wet-into-wet technique from last class to paint our skies. We’ll be making clouds and I’ll be showing a simple way to make the water look like it is sparkling. I’ll give you a hint – it’s all in how you hold the brush.

This is going to be a fun class, hope to see you there!


This painting and many others are available from my art shop.

Starry Night Sky: Intro to Watercolor

Starry Night Sky

Next week begins Intro to Watercolor Painting. Our first class will focus on making washes, blending colors using the wet-into-wet technique, and splattering. We will be painting a starry night sky scene like the one above and I will demonstrate a fun and easy way to paint evergreen trees. This is going to be a great class and there are a few spots left so I hope you can join us. I’ll be posting more projects from this class in the coming weeks.

Don’t have time to paint your own starry night sky scene? The painting above is available for purchase from my art shop.

Happy Painting!


Urban Sketching: a Colorful House

Urban Sketching Colorful HouseFirst off – Happy New Year everyone! I hope there are many new art adventures waiting for you. In the spirit of new adventures I thought I’d give urban sketching a try. I’ve done drawings and paintings of buildings before but not in this particular style. As I was reading and watching videos on this topic I did discover one good point for anyone starting out. Rather than drawing buildings with perspective just draw the front face of them. Such a simple idea but it makes things so much easier.

I used a reference photo of a house I found on Paint My Photo. I chose it because the colors made me happy and the rounded windows and cornices gave the house an interesting older world look. I found that I was a bit rusty at inking long straight lines but I think the wonkiness gives the house a more whimsical feel. Splattering was added at the end to give it some additional interest. I enjoyed this project so much I turned it into a greeting card.

I hope you’ll give urban sketching a try and let me know how your project turns out. Until next time…keep those pencils sharp!


January Classes Begin Soon!

I am very excited that all new sessions of painting classes will begin in 2 weeks. We’ll be painting a variety of subjects so there is something for everyone to enjoy. I hope you can join me.