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Let It Snow Christmas Greeting Card

Let It Snow - Christmas Greeting Card

Each year I make a handmade gift and card for my hubby. This year I thought I would share the Christmas greeting card I made for him. I am using a new (for me) technique of foiling. I drew the snowflakes onto the card stock using a glue pen then added dark blue and silver foil on top. The design was completed by lettering the saying “Let It Snow” with a Derwent graphik paint pen in “Brilliant” blue. The nice thing about the foiling is that the blue changes to a brighter color depending on how the light hits it. It was a huge hit – he loved it!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and many art adventures in the New Year!


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Snowshoe Hare: Drawing Maine Wild Life

Snowshoe Hare

Tonight is our final class for the year and I’ll be bringing a selection of reference photos to choose from. I selected the snowshoe hare because I wanted the challenge of drawing a predominantly white subject on white paper. Besides, who could resist that adorably cute face and fur?!

In winter the snowshoe hare is white (it turns brown in summer) and is primarily nocturnal. They get their name “snowshoe” from their large hind feet which keeps them from sinking in the snow. You can see one of the hind feet in my drawing and it is large for the animal’s size.

The best advise I can give when drawing anything white is to look for the variation in tone. It is not all the same shade of white. My rabbit has areas of brown, gray, and slate blue which can be used to give the rabbit dimension which makes it more life-like. I kept this drawing rather sketchy because I wanted the loose line work to help create the sense of dense fur. Brown dried grasses were added for a simple background.

I hope you’ll keep drawing in the New Year and if you are in the area join me for a class (or two). Until next time…keep those pencils sharp!


A Pair of Cardinals: Drawing Maine Wildlife

Male Cardinal - Pair of CardinalsBy request this week’s class project will be the Northern Cardinal bird. While I like these birds I like the color variation of the female more than the male so we will have the option to draw a pair of cardinals. I drew my birds on gray toned paper because I wanted to give the sense of a winter scene. It is so fun to see spots of red brighten up a gray wintry day.

I drew the female in shades of vermilion, yellow ochre, and french gray. The flashy red male was colored with shades of orange and red. Touches of french gray were added on the back feathers of the male to create a sense of harmony in the two pieces. I like using french gray on bird feathers because the Prismacolor pencil line has nice warm brown undertones. Female Cardinal - Pair of CardinalsIf you don’t have french gray; layer a light brown over warm gray.

A halo of blue was added around the pair of cardinals. The color contrasts nicely with the orange-red and helps to emphasize the cold affect I was trying to achieve by using the gray paper.

Just a reminder – our makeup class is scheduled for this coming Monday, December 19th at 6:15 PM. We’ll be in our usual art room.

Until next time…keep those pencils sharp!


Red Foxes: Drawing Maine Wildlife

Red Foxes: Mother and Pup
In this week’s class we are breaking away from the browns and grays of the last 2 projects and adding color by drawing red foxes. We’ll also be exploring how to depict the differences in adult and baby animals. The key is to observe the simple shapes that make up the animals. For example, the face of an adult fox is much more angular compared to the round face of the baby. In general most baby animals have rounder, softer features (think fuzzy!) so try to avoid harsh angular lines in your drawings. It’s time to sharpen all those lovely orange and red toned pencils and have a go at your own family of red foxes. Let me know how you do by leaving a comment below or send me a message. I’d love to see your drawings.

Until next time…keep those pencils sharp!


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