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Block Letters

Block Letters - Blue Moon
Intro to Creative Lettering begins Thursday night and our first class is all about blocks – block letters to be precise. I like to think of block letters as the foundation to creative lettering. They don’t require perfect penmanship, they are’t fussy, and they only require just a few simple tools in order to unleash your creativity.

I like to draw my letters on graph paper first. The lines help me keep everything in proportion and it is so inexpensive I don’t feel bad if I have to start over. Once I have my letters drawn I transfer them to high quality art paper. I like using Strathmore Mixed Media paper or Canson Illustration paper for their smooth surface. Both papers stand up well to watercolor washes so I don’t have to worry about the paper buckling.

Block Letters - LoveOnce I have my letters transferred to my paper deciding how to embellish them often takes me the most time and consideration. Should I color the letters, ink them first then add paint? Maybe I should replace one of the letters with a drawing that compliments the word (like I did for the moon above) or play with the arrangement like the one on the right? Should I add shadows to make them look 3-dimensional or paint around them so that the letters form a negative shape? As you can see the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

I can’t wait to see what everyone creates. I know they will be fabulous!

Until next time…keep those pencils sharp!


Introduction to Creative Lettering

Introduction to Creative Lettering
In a little over two weeks my new class Introduction to Creative Lettering begins! I have been looking forward to sharing fun and creative ways of drawing and painting your own letters. We’ll explore block letters, versal letters, and illuminated letters. Along the way we’ll learn watercolor techniques, we’ll add embellishments with ink, and for our last class – we’ll draw and illustrate a favorite quote.

It seems like a lot but we’ll break it down into manageable steps. With all my classes there will be plenty of time for practice and because the class size is small there is plenty of time for individual guidance. There are still spaces available so I hope you can join us!

Until next time… keep those pencils sharp!