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Red Cherries in a Blue Bowl

My watercolor pencil class finished last week and I am so proud of everyone. It was such a joy to see the progress they made in such a short amount of time!

There is a little break until the next class begins March 19th so I will be busy planning our next set of projects. This time we will be focusing on all the lovely plants that grow in a kitchen style garden (although you never know – a happy little bug might drop by to say hello).

To get you thinking about spring and drawing your garden enjoy this bowl of watercolor cherries. The painting is available from my shop.

Until next time…keep those pencils sharp!


Birds Two Ways


In my classes I encourage my students to develop their own style. At the same time I want them to remain open to exploring their art – it could be as simple as using a really large brush or trying a new color combination. Take for example the two paintings in this post. Both were done with watercolor pencil. The sparrow at the top of the page would be considered a loose painting – details are suggested and colors bleed together. This type of painting can be challenging for many people but, when you can step outside your preconceived ideas of what a watercolor painting should be, magic can happen.

Pileated WoodpeckerThe Pileated woodpecker painting on the right is very different. The colors are carefully blended and don’t run together, and details are defined by brushstrokes rather than suggested. It’s a completely different look because I used different techniques. When we make the effort to work outside of our comfort zone we just might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Both paintings are available for purchase at my shop:

Until next time…keep those pencils sharp!



My watercolor pencil class is in full swing – we’ve just passed the halfway point! For our last class we worked on drawing and painting shells. I like how you can achieve the lovely little details by drawing the point of a sharp watercolor pencil on damp paper.

Since I am fortunate to live the beautiful state of Maine I like to paint shells from my area so our references included blue mussels, periwinkles, slipper shells, barnacles, scallops, crab shells, and sand dollars. For the adventurous I also included a sea turtle reference photo. While not found in my home state, turtles are fun to paint.

Sea Turtle

This week’s project features a bird. It will be exciting to see what my students create. If you’d like to join me in an upcoming class be sure to check out my Classes page.

Until next time…keep those pencils sharp!