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Drawing on Black Paper

Cherry Tomatoes

In three weeks my class on Drawing on Black Paper will begin! I am very excited about this new offering. Working with darker colored papers can yield elegant drawings full of rich color and texture. I’ll be sharing all of my tips and tricks so that you can create your own beautiful works of art. To find out more information on this or other upcoming classes please visit my Classes page.

I hope you can join us!



Common Blue - Polyammatus icarusIn this week’s class on Drawing Nature we will be covering a new mark-making technique called stippling. Stippling is the process of using small dots to create varying degrees of value or shading. The closer the dots are to one another the darker the value and the farther apart the dots are the lighter the value.

I think a great subject for this technique is a butterfly. If you look closely at the patterns on a butterfly’s wings you’ll notice that they are not smooth but rather they are made up of a series of short parallel lines and dots of color. So, not only will we be able to practice stippling to paint the wings but we will also be able to use our fur strokes to create both the fuzzy body of our butterfly and the soft downy bits of the thistle.

I had so much fun creating this piece, I hope all my students enjoy it as well.

Until next time…keep those pencils sharp!


P.S. Butterflies also look good drawn on black paper.

Rose Hips

Rose HipsMore fall treasures, this time a sprig of little rose hips beckoned to be drawn and painted with colored pencil. Colored in shades of orange and red, these little beauties typify the colors of autumn to me. I found clusters of these peeking out from among the branches of larger bushes. I don’t remember seeing any flowers during the summer so they must like being in the shadow of the more showier plants. I’m glad I discovered them and now I will pay closer attention next spring and summer so I can find the blooms to draw.

The berries are drawn to scale so the entire piece is only 4″ x 2″. It is available in my shop.

Happy Fall!


Oak Leaf – Drawing Nature

Oak LeafThis week marked the start of my new colored pencil classes. Over the next few months I’ll be sharing projects that we do in class along with a few new tutorials for you to try on your own.

In my Drawing Nature class we reviewed layering and blending and put those techniques into practice by drawing fall leaves. Everyone did a fantastic job. I even had a few minutes to start my own leaf during class, the finished piece is to the right.

If you don’t have access to changing leaves or you just want to incorporate a little bit of fall into your decor you can purchase this oak leaf from my Etsy shop.

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