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Before the Storm

The entire Northeast is supposed to have “historic” October snowfall tonight and tomorrow. As I walked around my neighborhood this afternoon, you could feel that something was happening. The breeze held the promise of snow. As I watched leaves blow around on the trees and ground I thought the watercolor sketch below captured the spirit of what I was feeling.

Materials: 140# CP watercolor paper, Winsor & Newton artist paints

Stay warm!

Before the Storm


BallerinaIt’s been awhile since I posted a figure drawing. This is a sketch I did awhile ago but thought it would be good to share. As I look at it again, I can see the change I’ve had as an artist when I compare this to newer drawings like this or this. I still tend toward figures drawn with simple lines but I see more realism in the marks now compared to when the ballerina was drawn. I think it’s good to look back at previous work, not as a means to criticize but constructively critique — appreciate where growth has occurred and discover where improvements can be made in the next drawing.

Materials: Derwent Graphic Pencils and Cartridge paper


P.S. Click the thumbnail for a larger view.


It’s been a strange year for foliage, most of the trees lost their leaves before they turned color. Rather than lament the lack of color it has given me the opportunity to study the structure of trees, how branches that are normally hidden with leaves twist and bend. Today’s painting is one I found while organizing my collection of art papers and seemed to fit what has been going on this fall.


Tree and Barn


LayersThere is a place I like to go to walk where at the end of the trail is a dock. It’s a great place to sit and just observe the bay. Every summer there is the same sailboat moored close to shore. At sunset it is a very peaceful place to be. This sketch is my interpretation of that spot where the tasks of everyday life stop and the beauty of nature shines. The flat layers of color are supposed to mimic the stillness of water. A larger view can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail.

Materials: Cream colored Canson Mi-Teintes paper and Derwent watercolor pencils (dry)