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Easter Origami

Rabbit Image Gallery 2I have another paper-related hobby…origami. I had forgotten how fun it is. I remember making “fortune tellers” in grammar school, my only foray into origami back then. I may not be up to 1000 cranes yet but I made a rabbit and flowers for Easter. Click the rabbit to see them.

Materials: Washi Chiyogami paper, 5 7/8″ square

Happy Easter!

Flower Petal Study

Petals Image Gallery 2I have always been fascinated with scientific drawings, there is so much detail and realism associate with each piece. This style is a good way to train your eye to see what is in front of you and not what you “think” you see. I decided to apply this principle to botanical painting. My first attempt was to discover if I could render flower petals with some semblance of accuracy. Click the photo to the right to see a larger version.

Materials: 140lb cold pressed water color paper sketchbook, Winsor & Newton watercolor paints



SunriseMy hubby gave me a beautiful set of Derwent Artist color pencils (72 in all!)—the colors are amazing. This sketch is my interpretation of a sunrise at the beach with rocks in the foreground and the sky reflecting on the wet sand as the tides recedes.

Materials: Bristol paper and colored pencils.



Trees at Night
The sky takes on a wonderful blue color as it gets toward night. The trees lose a lot of detail but their silhouettes hint at the overall shape and if the moon is out there is the hint of color if you look close enough.

This sketch was done on double shuen paper with ink, indigo, and mid yellow Chinese watercolor paints.


Birches in Snow

Birches in Snow
I took a watercolor class yesterday, not only was it a lot of fun but I learned so many great techniques that I had been missing being self-taught. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class, even if you consider yourself accomplished, I highly recommend it. The constructive critique from the instructor and other participants is invaluable in growing as an artist.


  • 140lb hot-pressed Arches watercolor paper
  • Cobalt blue, Permanent Rose, Burnt Sienna, and Ivory Black DaVinci and Cotman paints
  • 1″ wash, #6 round, rigger brushes


P.S. The larger size is taller than I normally display, you may need to scroll to see it all.