Monthly Archives: February 2011

Geisha in Profile


I found a watercolor print of a geisha but I thought it would be pretty as an ink painting. Don’t see her face click the image above.


  • paper: Double Shuen
  • colors: ink and vermilion
  • brushes: tiger, small soft, and happy dot




I’ve been trying to capture specific moods as I practice figure drawing. When I was done with this sketch it reminded me of what someone might do as they are considering something important.

Materials: Smooth bristol paper and Sai ink brush pens



LoveHappy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate the day I made my husband a card with the word love in running script on red gold paper (colored shuen with gold flecks).

Hope your day is wonderful too!


Face 2 Stylized

The face is the area of the body where we generally place the most importance and attention when drawing and painting the figure. The face has may details however it isn’t important to draw every single one. Carefully placed marks and the creative use of negative space can define the features to create a pleasing result. I hope you enjoy my attempts (click the image above).

Materials: Smooth bristol paper and Sai brush pens