Monthly Archives: January 2011


CraneThis painting is a rarity for me. The whole piece took about 10 minutes to do but it’s probably one of the few times I’ve actually been thrilled with the result and I think it’s because of the simplicity of the design. It’s also a good example of what happens when you listen to others.

I am a huge fan of Oriental Art Supply and I watch their videos on YouTube. Ling Chi has several demos on calligraphy and in one of them she comments on how running script may be easier for Westerners since it’s similar to our cursive way of writing. I was skeptical until the other day when I gave the word “bird” a try (click the crane to see the entire bird and calligraphy). I must admit it was a lot easier than Standard Script. I’ll be practicing running script a lot more now :)


P.S. I’ve found a new paper – Best Shuen from OASArts. Give it a try, it’s wonderful!


Figures on BenchOne of the great things about Chinese Brush painting is that you can form so many things from really simple strokes. This painting was done with two (2) strokes, the long dot and bone stroke. While this may not be an anatomical representation of people it makes an interesting silhouette study.


My Little Monster

Little MonsterI had one of those art days…the kind where I planned to work on painting flowers but nothing came out just right. I cleaned my palette and brushes and sharpened my 2HB pencil. As I was flipping through some art books I found a little monster and decided he fit my artistic mood. He’s supposed to be scary or at a minimum something that would make a mere mortal pause. Somehow when I was done this little guy looked too cute and only capable of mischief. I think my art muse was having a bit of mischief at my expense as well ;)


Asleep Under Bamboo

Pandas Under BambooToday was one of those snowy days that makes me want to curl up on the couch under a warm blanket and sip tea. But, rather than do that I’ll let the pandas have their nap under a canopy of bamboo leaves.

The pandas were done on mulberry paper with ink and my new Marie’s watercolor paints.


Horse (Mӑ)

HorseThis weekend flew by (don’t they all?) so rather than bring out all my brush painting supplies, I painted with my Sai brush pens. I’ve been using them to practice calligraphy but they really do a nice job for larger pieces. My horse was done with the black, gray and red ink pens.


P.S. Want to see a larger version click the image :)