Monthly Archives: November 2010


SittingContinuing on my journey into the world of figure drawing, I thought I’d attempt a sitting figure. I did this sketch rather quickly focusing on capturing the overall feel of the pose while trying to maintain correct proportions. This was done entirely with a HB pencil. You can see a larger version by clicking on the image.


Woman with Rose

Woman With RoseToday’s sketch was done with my Sai Brush Pens using only the black and dark rose pens. It is based on a painting by Su Renshan (1814 -1849?) called Figure of a Lady.

Figure drawing is mainly about line work. By varying the pressure and angle of the brush you can create the illusion of folds in clothing. Depending on your mood and the subject you can use a single type of stroke or a variety. Like Chinese brushes, lines have wonderful names like willow-leaf, cloud wave, running water, and rat tail to name a few.


Pandora’s Box

Pandora's BoxI am fascinated by the stories in mythology and this pencil sketch reminds me of the story of Pandora’s box. Researchers believe her “box” was really a large jar (ref.) but since this is art why not have some fun!


P.S. Click the image to see Pandora ;)

Japanese Monk

Japanese MonkAs an artist, I find figure drawing to be the most challenging and therefore I shy away from it. I’ve decided to start breaking out of that way of thinking. This sketch is my way of slowly building courage. Keep coming back and see how I progress over the next several months.