Monthly Archives: July 2010

Red Lotus

For the last couple of months I’ve been using Sennelier watercolor paint for the “colored ink” in my Chines Brush paintings. If you haven’t tried them I recommend getting a tube or two. The colors are rich and intense like the Chinese Vermilion in today’s painting which depicts my interpretation of the life cycle of the plant – buds, flowers in bloom, and dying leaves (top right corner) in the spontaneous style.


Here There be Dragons

I love stories set in a time where dragons roamed the land, sea and sky. I have a more eastern philosophy of dragons such that they are like people – a mixture of good and evil (like yin and yang) – not just hoarders of treasure and abductors of fair maidens.

This sketch is a sea dragon done in green, blue and purple colored pencil.


Heat wave…not for the birds

This past week has got to be the hottest we’ve had in a few years. As I tried keeping cool, while satisfying my desire to draw, dry watercolor pencils seemed the safest medium. When I was done with this I realized my bird had the same grumpy look as me from all the heat :)


July Calendar

Rather than purchase a calendar, I like to make my own. Sometimes I’ll paint one or other times like this month’s I’ll have fun with my graphics tablet and Illustrator. All the elements are made from simple shapes – in fact with the exception of the tree and lines, everything is made from circles that I cut apart with the Pathfinder tool. The idea was inspired by Ed Emberley’s drawing books. Although I may be a bit (OK, a lot) older I still have the best success in my drawings if I break complex objects into their simple shapes.

Be sure to click the bird to view the full calendar :)