Monthly Archives: April 2010


Another song bird, this time perched on a branch done in dry watercolor pencil. Gallery includes a pencil sketch I did of a bird in different poses during flight.

Song bird on branch Flight

Song Bird

Birds are a great subject for painting or in the case of today’s post painting with colored pencil. I’m not sure what type of bird this little guy is but he reminds me of a sparrow. I’ve also included the preliminary sketches in the slideshow.


Song Bird - Colored Pencil Sketch

Sea Cliffs

I like painting with my Mountain Horse brush. When it’s dry it creates cool textures that can be used for branches, mountains, or in this case cliffs overlooking the sea. The top 2 characters are for boat and the bottom is for mountain.

Sea CLiffs


Recently my hubby bought me Ed Emberley’s Make a World drawing book. Remember them from your childhood – making drawings out of simple shapes? I had a few of them but sadly after moving many times they were lost so this is a fun treat! As I flipped through the book I thought these would be great ideas for vector drawings – armed with my trusty Wacom tablet and Illustrator I had a little fun being a kid again :)


Slow Stream

Today’s sketch is taken from my watercolor notebook. I was trying to capture the feel of a slow moving stream using a limited color palette.

Slow stream