Monthly Archives: February 2010

Japanese Maple

Continuing on the tree theme from earlier, today’s painting is a Japanese Maple. The trunk was painted with a semi-dry Mountain Horse brush loaded with burnt sienna and tipped with black. The leaves were painted with a Happy Dot brush loaded with varying shades of alizarin crimson.

Japanese Maple


This is a gift that I painted for my husband. He loves trees that have just a few berries left on them – the “low quality” fruits that only the hardiest of birds enjoy over the winter. We occasionally catch a glimpse of a cardinal or two in our backyard each year. The slide show includes the preliminary sketch I did before I began painting.

Cardinal - Chinese Brush Painting Sketch


White BirchTrees are a great way of enhancing a landscape and there are myriad ways to paint them in Chinese Brush Painting. A dry brush will produce an old branch or the needles of an evergreen. The press and life technique and various sizes of dots are good for making leaves. The gallery I’ve done shows 2 trees done with 2 methods – the first is traditional brush painting and the second is with brush pen. I have my favorite – what’s yours?


Tree Gallery Tree Gallery 2 Tree Gallery 3

Year of the Tiger

The tiger is a symbol of courage, bravery, military prowess, strength and prosperity. When you draw the Chinese character for it the last stroke should be done with strength to balance out the other strokes. Hopefully my drawing conveys the power this majestic animal possesses.

Two of my favorite pop culture tigers are Tigger (Winnie the Pooh) and Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes). It’s nice to know they have a year for themselves :)