Monthly Archives: September 2009

Pine Tree

Most of my paintings with trees are of bamboo or plum blossoms. This time I decided to try a pine tree. The trunk and branches were painted with my Mountain Horse brush and the needles with a detail and soft brush.



Wild China

What a strange attractor – last night I watched an episode of Wild China where they showed Black-necked cranes on the Tibetan Plateau. To my pleasant surprise I discovered my first two Chinese Brush Paintings of cranes were representations of the cranes on the show. The idea for the cranes came from one of the lessons in Nan Rae’s Ch’i of the Brush book which was a gift from my wonderful hubby.

The Black-necked crane, Grus nigricollis is also known as the Tibetan Crane.

The paintings were done with ink and alizaron crimson with a tea wash for the background.


Crane with Plum Blossoms Crane with Moon